Dependency Injector - 500 stars on GitHub

Today is a Big Day for me and for ETS Labs and the reason for this is that ETS Labs main project Dependency Injector today reached 500 stars on GitHub.


Dependency Injector is a dependency injection microframework for Python. It was designed to be unified, developer-friendly tool that helps to implement dependency injection design pattern in formal, pretty, Pythonic way.

As of now Dependency Injector is:

  • 500 stars, 28 forks, 24 watchers, 163 closed issues, 39 closed pull requests & 8 contributors on GitHub
  • 41k+ / month downloads on PyPI
  • 1st place in Google for “python dependency injection” query
  • 2k+ / month documentation visits
  • 144 releases
  • 1,160 commits

Thanks a lot to all contributors:

  • Konstantin vz’One Enchant (sirkonst)
  • Terrence Brannon (metaperl)
  • Stanislav Lobanov (asyncee)
  • James Lafa (jameslafa)
  • Vlad Ghita (vlad-ghita)
  • Jeroen Rietveld (jeroenrietveld)
  • Dmitry Kuzmin (xotonic)

We did it together! Thank you for your help and support!